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While Tommy's music has elements from electronic music ranging from New Age to Jazz to Ambient Industrial, the difference is that he does not perform this music with any sequencers or pre-recorded tracks.  Everything is played live.  Tommy plays a 14-pad electronic drumset, a keyboard, and a pedalboard, with vocals on his headset microphone.  His hands and feet are divided among the instruments, often picking up and putting down sticks as he moves hands from keyboard to drums.  His left foot hovers over the pedalboard, sometimes providing a bass part or a solo, or playing chords with both feet when he isn't kicking the beat with his right foot.

Tommy's first instrument was the piano.  Growing up in Texas and New Jersey, Tommy would often play on the family upright with his 3 brothers and 2 sisters from toddler age.  Later, he received a toy trap set and took piano lessons at about age 9.  In 8th grade, Tommy began learning proper drum rudiments on a practice pad, then a real snare.  Later in 9th grade, Tommy mowed enough lawns to save up for his 1st drumset, an 11-piece Ludwig Blue Vistalite with Zildjian cymbals.  At 16, Tommy worked for a music store and bought his first electronic keyboard, a Moog Opus 3.  Later, at around age 20, Tommy purchased his first electronic drumset, a Simmons SDS-5.  Tommy played in various bands through the years:  Polaris, Raz, Abraxas, Neon Blue, Habit, Plane Stewpid, and Pleasing Mary.  During 1999, Tommy decided to hone his skills and go solo.  He bought the pedalboard and configured his current drumset, keyboard, and the pedalboard to play through a sound sampler (EMU ESI-32).  Tommy has written over 3 hours of original music as well as some somewhat mangled and warped versions of other's music.  He is performing and recording his 1st solo album, Catharsis .  Demo versions of his music are available here .

Soloist Experience:

- Skippy's

- Texas Bar and Grill
- The Vibe

- Maxine's
- The Oyster Bar

Bedford,TX - Jubilation

Canyon Lake,TX
- The Shanty

- TGI Fridays
- Dallas White Rock Marathon

- TGI Fridays

Richardson, TX
- Astronomy Day Festival

Currently, Tommy books his own shows and would love to discuss performing at your restaurant, club, party, or festival!